General Dentist Office: Common Dental Procedures

You have been going to a general dentist since you were a child, but you still are not sure what your dentist can do. You know the dentist offers basic X-rays and cleanings, but that is just the tip of what is available. Learn more about general and cosmetic procedures to get a better idea of what your local dentist offers.

General dental procedures

Dentists offer general dental procedures to protect their patient’s overall oral health. The general dentist begins by assessing the patient’s needs and then makes a recommendation based on the evaluation.


Tooth decay is a serious issue. The tooth can abscess and cause an infection, which can spread to the rest of the body. A dentist can remove the decay and fill it to protect the tooth. This is a common dental procedure and does not take long to complete.

Root canals

Sometimes, the decay makes its way down to the root. When that happens, the dentist will perform a root canal. This procedure repairs the tooth’s root, pulp and nerve and allows the patient to keep the tooth.


While dentists try to save teeth when possible, extractions are necessary from time to time. If the tooth is severely damaged, the dentist might recommend an extraction.

Dental bridges

After an extraction, a dental bridge might be in order. Bridges are a nonsurgical option for replacing missing teeth.

Crowns and caps

Patients who have broken or cracked teeth might require a crown. Crowns protect the teeth from further damage and feel and look like regular teeth. Chewing is not impacted by dental crowns.

Cosmetic dental procedures

The demand for cosmetic density is on the rise, and general dentists have met this demand by offering a wide array of services at their offices. Teeth whitening and bonding are the two most popular services at the dentist.

Teeth whitening

Many people are ditching over-the-counter teeth whitening kits and replacing them with trips to the general dentist. The dentist begins by cleaning the teeth and then uses a whitening treatment.

Most dentists give patients the option of having laser treatment in-house or taking home whitening trays. Both options whiten make the teeth at least five shades lighter.

Laser treatment takes about an hour, while at-home kits take two weeks to get the full results.


Patients can reshape or whiten their teeth with bonding. The resin bond can even fill gaps in the teeth. Those who are unhappy with their smiles often get this quick procedure.

Choosing a procedure

Patients do not have to choose a procedure alone. The general dentist will provide a detailed assessment of the situation after an examination. Then, the patient will know what type of procedure is needed. From tooth whitening to a root canal, the dentist will guide the patient every step of the way, making the process much easier.

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