Smile Makeover: Improving Color and Texture of Teeth

Smile Makeover Manassas, VA

If you have chipped, decayed, or discolored teeth, then you might want to consider getting a smile makeover. The process includes cosmetic dental treatments that improve the color, texture, size, and shape of the teeth, transforming the smile's appearance. Although some of the treatment options can also improve dental functions, the makeover's purpose is primarily aesthetic.

Understanding smile makeover

Patients looking to improve their smile's appearance will need to meet with the dentist to discuss their concerns and what they would like to change. The dentist will examine the oral cavity and recommend procedures that can help patients get the best results. Issues that the smile makeover can correct include crooked or misaligned teeth, discolored or stained teeth, missing teeth, decayed, chipped, or cracked teeth.

Also, the dentist may improve the look of the lip and gums to enhance the smile's outlook. Some patients may need to undergo teeth lengthening, correcting disproportionate teeth sizes, and improving the teeth's texture and character. The procedure may include dental veneers, dental implants, crowns, dental composites, and professional teeth whitening. A crown may not need a replacement for another 10 years or so, but other procedures like whitening may require routine touch-up processes.

Factors to consider for a smile makeover

Before getting a smile makeover, several factors need to be considered, including facial appearance, hair color, skin color, teeth form, and the shape of the lip and gums. The dentist will consider these factors to ensure that the smile makeover produces the best results. The dentist will develop a customized treatment plan based on the dental assessment and the answers provided by the patient.

A smile makeover only concerns certain areas of the mouth, the areas that can be improved with cosmetic procedures. The tooth is a major part of the oral cavity, and changing elements such as color, shape, and texture can dramatically improve the smile. For example, patients can have their old dental fillings replaced with tooth-colored composites.

Whitening treatment can change stained teeth and is perhaps the most popular cosmetic treatment. The dentist can also improve tooth color by applying veneers over the teeth. When it comes to changing the tooth's texture, the dentist can customize the dental crown and veneer to produce a natural appearance.

Benefits of getting a smile makeover

Teeth discoloration is often a sign of aging. Teeth whitening during a smile makeover can improve the color of the teeth. Patients can also see improvements in their oral health. Decayed or chipped teeth can be restored with composite bonding. Undergoing a smile makeover can motivate patients to take their oral health seriously to protect the results of the procedure.


If you are displeased with the condition of your smile, a smile makeover is something to consider. An aesthetically pleasing smile can create a good first impression and improve your self-confidence. Instead of hiding your smile, consider booking an appointment with the dentist for an assessment.

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