Replacing a Worn Tooth on a Denture

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Dentures, like natural teeth, wear down over time. There are many reasons why the teeth on your dentures may begin to feel warped, loose or uncomfortable. Bone changes and changes in your facial structure happen naturally with age. That alone will mean you will have to get new dentures every so often. If you think your dentures are suddenly uncomfortable, you may need a tooth or two replaced. A consultation with a general dentist will help you determine what steps you need to take next.

How to know when denture teeth need replacing

Fortunately for denture wearers, it is pretty easy to tell when your denture teeth may need to be replaced. Oftentimes wearers will begin feeling that their dentures do not fit properly anymore. Sometimes they may even look unnatural while wearing them. Other times it may just be one or two teeth that might need to be replaced that have worn down faster than others. It is up to individual denture wearers to pay attention to how their dentures fit and keep an eye out for signs of wear and tear.

It is important to remember that dentures are not unbreakable and are designed to need replacing every five to eight years. When denture teeth are not replaced in a timely manner, it can result in dental issues, including sore jaws and irritated gums. Worn denture teeth may also result in a poor bite, which can disrupt the fit of dentures. This is often what makes dentures uncomfortable and even harmful to wear. When this happens, denture wearers have to be on the lookout for gum infections and other oral issues.

Repairing denture teeth

When dentures begin showing signs of wear and tear, it is important to contact a general dentist for a consultation. During the consultation, the dentist will take a peek at the dentures and look for worn teeth and other signs of damage. If the dentist determines a replacement tooth is in order, the dentures will be repaired in the office. In the event that more extensive replacement or repair work is needed, the general dentist will ship the dentures to a denturist. Once the necessary work is performed, the general dentist will have the patient wear the dentures to ensure they fit well.

Take care of your dentures

No matter what kind of dentures you have, they will not last forever. There are simply too many factors that come into play that may result in the need for repairs or total denture replacements. For example, over time, denture teeth wear down just from eating. When the teeth get too worn, a replacement may be in order. Other things like bone loss in your jaw or changing facial shape may also result in the need for new dentures. If you are unsure whether your dentures are worn down enough to require a replacement, you may want to consult with a general dentist.

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