Dentures are a type of replacement teeth that are artificial. They help with filling in gaps due to missing teeth. Dentures can be one of two basic types: complete or partial.

The purpose of complete dentures is for replacing a full set of teeth, while partial dentures are only needed to fill in the gaps between existing teeth.

The type of dentures that will work best for you depends upon considerations like:

  • Your budget
  • Your general health
  • How many missing teeth you have
  • Whether you prefer fixed, removable, or implant-supported dentures
  • Whether you need dentures for a front tooth, that is very natural-looking

Complete Dentures

If all of your original teeth are missing, you may want to get a complete set of dentures. This would involve the replacement of all of your natural teeth with false teeth.

Complete dentures are normally made from acrylic material and are carefully shaped to your jaw after any remaining teeth are removed and your gums have started healing. The entire process can take up to 10 weeks.

A dental adhesive can be used to secure complete dentures into place. Complete dentures help to improve your smile in a comfortable way, as well as helping to support eating.

Partial Dentures

If you have some missing teeth, but still have some natural teeth left, partial dentures may make the most sense. This type is made up of a plastic bridge with metal clasps to retain it. They should provide a comfortable fit for your teeth.

Partial dentures are available in both upper and lower sets. You can also get a single tooth denture.

The color of partial dentures can be made to match your natural teeth. Conventional, removable partial dentures are normally made from strong materials like metal. More recently, flexible nylon alternatives have become available.

Fixed Dentures

If you are concerned about your dentures slipping, you should consider fixed dentures. This type is anchored by dental implants, which are firmly implanted within the jawbone itself. Implants are also

extremely durable, so you shouldn’t have to worry about needing to replace them.

Another advantage of fixed dentures secured by implants is that they are easier to clean than regular dentures. You can brush them just like normal teeth. Patients also report that they are more comfortable and do not rub against their gums.

Cleaning Your Dentures

Gently brush your dentures with a toothbrush and toothpaste. This removes food particles and bacteria. Be sure to rinse the dentures afterwards. Also, store your dentures in clean water to prevent warping.

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Dentures are a great way to replace some or all missing teeth. Find out how dentures can restore your smile with a consultation today. Remember, these mouth appliances now look and feel more natural than ever before!

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