Is Denture Repair Possible for Partial Dentures?

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Whether a patient has full or partial dentures, Denture Adjustments and Repairs is usually possible as long as the damage sustained is not too great. Partial dentures may need repairs for a number of different reasons. Patients who allow these durable appliances to wear down over time might not realize they may have to replace the dentures altogether. Being vigilant about damage and taking dentures in for repairs as soon as possible can help patients get the longest life out of them.

Types of damage that can be successfully repaired

Knowing what kind of damage can be repaired is the first step to maintaining the good condition of partial dentures. Some issues might even be fixed with a do-it-yourself kit at home, though this is not recommended in many cases. For the most part, taking broken dentures into the dentist can ensure the appliances are restored to proper function. Keep an eye out for the following problems, and contact a dentist immediately if you discover one.

Midline fracture

Since a partial denture, like its full counterpart, can still be removed from the mouth, it is possible to drop and break the appliance. When a denture hits a hard surface, it can crack into two pieces. A dentist can put the pieces back together using a plaster and cast to fill in any excess space. The denture is then refitted. To avoid fracturing a partial denture, consider putting a towel over the counter or filling the sink with water to soften the landing if the denture slips during removal.  

Broken teeth

Another common issue that requires denture repair is when a tooth of a denture becomes chipped or falls out. The replacement teeth in a denture can be easily removed by a professional, and the dentist can replace a cracked tooth or put a fallen tooth back in. There is no reason for a patient to walk around with dentures that have broken teeth when repairs are so easy.

Loose dentures

Not all dentures fit correctly right away. It can take time and work to realign them in the mouth so that they do not rub against gums or cause discomfort. Sometimes more than a minor adjustment is needed. The dentist may reline the surface of a denture with new material so it fits smoothly against the gums, preventing food particles from slipping under it, looseness, and loss of retention.

Broken base

The base of a partial denture holds everything in place. If it becomes compromised, the teeth may be removed and placed into an entirely new base. A mold and cast are made of the patient’s mouth to create the new base.


As a general rule, dentures usually need to be replaced once every five to seven years. They can wear down and the mouth can change shape, rendering former dentures useless. A dentist can guide individuals in determining whether denture repair will suffice or if it is time for a replacement.

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