Laser Dentistry Treatment Options From Your Dentist

If you are battling issues like tooth discoloration and teeth hypersensitivity, you should consider laser dentistry and see if this tool can be a solution to your dental problems. Here are laser dentistry treatment options that you can discuss with your dentist:

Laser dentistry treatments

Laser teeth whitening

Everyone knows the importance of making a good first impression when you meet others. An ideal way to create a more memorable and positive impression with others is to step up your smile. When you can smile with shining, white teeth, you will not only stand out to others, but you may also increase your confidence, helping you make a stronger impression.

Although there are many teeth whitening solutions available for people to try at home, none of these tools tend to be as effective as laser teeth whitening. With laser dentistry, you can whiten your teeth faster and at a deeper level than is possible with at-home remedies. The laser will interact with peroxide-containing gels that will clean past the surface level and break down the molecules and stains that prevent your teeth from looking white.

In addition to being more efficient, your results after receiving laser dentistry tend to also last longer. If you want to whiten your teeth, laser dentistry is an ideal option.

Treating gum disease

If you have plaque buildup, you are at risk of developing gingivitis or periodontitis. These are forms of gum disease that can do anything from causing gum inflammation to destroying the healthy gum tissue around your teeth and contributing to tooth loss.

If you are suffering from gum disease, laser dentistry can help. Lasers can be used to get rid of any damaged or inflamed gum tissue surrounding your teeth so your dentist can clean the area and remove the bacteria causing the issue.


In addition to removing damaged tissue to fight gum disease, laser dentistry can also help remove tissue for a biopsy. When dentists or doctors are unsure of whether their patient is afflicted with a certain disease or condition, like cancer, they can take a tissue sample and send it to a lab to be examined.

If there is a possibility that you might have gum cancer or other serious oral problem, laser dentistry can help your dentist get a tissue sample for a biopsy. The light emitted from the laser is strong enough to break down and cut any tissue it touches. This makes it simple to target a specific area of tissue to remove and send off for further examination.

Why dentist appointments matter

Most healthcare professionals will tell you that early detection of diseases is essential. With laser dentistry, your dentist can determine if you have cancer early on so it is more manageable to treat. Additionally, if you already have a tumor or damaged tissue, the laser can remove this tissue from your mouth before it causes further damage.

If you are struggling with any of these dental problems, you should bring up laser dentistry at your next dentist appointment. If you need to see a dentist, you can make an appointment with the information provided below:

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