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Everything You Can Know About Perfect Smile Makeovers

A beautiful smile is always an asset, says the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. According to their survey, people with perfect, white teeth are perceived as more attractive, confident, and booming. But you’re lacking in this department; there is no need to worry. Thanks to modern dental technology, it is possible to transform a single tooth into a flawless masterpiece by booking an appointment with your dentist. 

Interested? Keep reading to find out what the options are.

The Aesthetics of Teeth

Your pearly whites aren’t just for chewing food and keeping your jawline in good condition. If your dentist hasn’t told you yet, they have an aesthetic aspect. Your smile is what other people notice about you first, not your clothes, shoes, or even your personality; it’s your teeth. Most desirable teeth are aligned so that when you smile, all of your upper front teeth are visible with no more than two millimeters of gums. 

The two sides should be completely identical; symmetry is key to a beautiful smile. In addition to these factors, the length and size of your teeth should be harmonic with the size of your mouth.

The Inclusions of a Teeth Makeover

This process involves a combination of cosmetic procedures, not all necessary, to give patients the smile they want. The extent and nature of the procedures required for a smile makeover depending on the degree of defects patients wish their dentists to fix. With a smile makeover, you can expect the following methods to be involved, though this is certainly not comprehensive:

  • Aesthetic gum recontouring which fixes a gummy smile
  • Dental implants 
  • Porcelain crowns and veneers
  • Teeth whitening
  • Tooth-colored Fillings

What about Dental Bonding?

Also known as composite bonding, this dental procedure is where your dentist will place a tooth-colored, resin-based filling material on your teeth. This fixes various aesthetic and restorative dental problems like teeth stains, teeth gaps, and misshaped, chipped, or crooked teeth. 

If you’re concerned about complications, allow us to put those to rest. Dental bonding is straightforward and positively affects oral health and aesthetics. 

  • First, your dentist will extract the decayed tooth to wash and dry the area thoroughly. 
  • Next, they will apply an acidic gel over the teeth to create surface pores to help the filling material adhere to the tooth. 
  • Finally, your dentist will apply the bonding to the teeth, shape them accordingly, and harden them using a special light.

What about Dental Implants?

Not having natural teeth can cause more than physical problems. Not only are they a cosmetic concern, but they can ruin your facial aesthetics, in addition to causing several complications if they are not replaced. 

Your dentist will replace missing teeth as an essential component of a smile makeover. However, one of the most aesthetically pleasant, reliable, and durable options for replacing missing teeth is dental implants: screws inserted directly into the bone to act as roots for artificial teeth that you attach over them. These implants are not only stable and long-lasting but also produce natural, excellent aesthetics!

In Closing

This procedure can completely transform your smile and your facial aesthetics. If you are discontent with your teeth and would like a dazzling, charming smile, a smile makeover procedure from your dentist will do the trick. Remember, this focuses more on how your pearly whites look than function, so there’s no need for this makeover if you’re okay with your teeth. If tooth or teeth function is what bothers you, talk to your dentist about the right solutions.

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