Replace Missing Teeth With These Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Thanks to cosmetic dentistry, there are now a variety of options for you to choose from when it comes to replacing missing teeth. The days of having to live the rest of your life with a hole in your smile or no teeth at all are long gone.

How cosmetic dentistry replaces missing teeth

Here are popular procedures that cosmetic dentists use to replace missing teeth:

1. Implants

An implant is not that different from a natural tooth. The device is a metal rod or screw that goes into the patient's jawbone, and it holds a crown that is placed on its other end firmly secured, just like how a real tooth is held in place by its root.

Like a real tooth's root, the implant stimulates the bone tissue loss that commonly occurs when an individual is missing one or more teeth.

Implants do not require any special care, and they can last a lifetime with good oral hygiene. It is no surprise this is one of the most popular ways to replace missing teeth.

2. Dentures

Dentures is another tooth replacement option that restores the look and function of lost teeth. It consists of a framework that rests on the wearer's gums and artificial teeth that are attached to the frame. It is one of the most cost-effective ways to replace most of a patient's teeth.

There are partial denture sets for people who have only lost a few teeth. The most significant benefit of dentures would be their price tag, while the most significant drawback would be their tendency to slip around when being worn.

3. Bridges

Bridges can be used to close gaps between a patient's teeth and replace missing teeth. They are more stable than dentures, as they are anchored by the two teeth closest to the gap created by the missing teeth. Bridges come with artificial teeth that look like real teeth. Some patients feel they are a more comfortable option than dentures.

The biggest drawback of bridges would be the fact they make oral hygiene a little bit more challenging.

4. Implant-supported dentures

Implant-supported dentures are a merger of implants and dentures. The patient gets four to six implants inserted into each half of their jaw, and these implants are used to clasp dentures in place. Implant-supported dentures are highly recommended for people who wear a lower set of full dentures since these tend to be the most problematic when it comes to slipping and moving around.

5. Mini dental implants

These devices are about half the size of regular dental implants, and a less invasive procedure is used to install them. They are a good option for people who are interested in implants but lack the required bone tissue. Mini dental implants make it possible for such patients to get implants without getting bone grafts.

Replacing your missing teeth has never been easier

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