Smile Makeover Options to Improve the Shape of Your Gums

A smile makeover does not just include changing the appearance of your teeth. Your smile also relies on the way your gums look. Sometimes, the gums are too high or low on the teeth and just do not look natural. If this is the case, there are ways to improve your gumline.

Improve gum shape with a smile makeover

There are options for changing the size and shape of a person’s gums. These dental procedures include gum contouring and gum reshaping. During this smile makeover, the dentist is going to cut away excess gum tissue. The dentist may also perform surgery to restore any receding gum tissue. Knowing more about these options can help prepare someone for the process of improving gumlines.

Who can receive gum contouring or reshaping?

If a person is unhappy with the way their gums look, then this normal dental procedure may become part of their smile makeover. One factor to consider when deciding if a new gum shape or size is necessary is the look of the gums themselves. Are they uneven? Do the gums cover too much of the teeth or cover too little?

Does gum contouring or reshaping hurt?

Usually, if a person is receiving gum contouring or reshaping surgery, they will be medicated in order to minimize any feelings of discomfort. There are several factors that can influence the amount of pain the patient feels. The removal of excess tissue is something that might cause extra discomfort, as well as the severity of the grafting or reshaping of the gums. It is normal for a dentist to use a scalpel or a laser, and both can directly relate to how much pain is felt when this part of a smile makeover is complete.

How do patients handle the recovery?

No matter which tool is used when improving the shape of a person’s gums, they are going to have some discomfort and swelling after the dental procedure is complete. The length of time needed for recovery is going to depend on whether the dentist used a scalpel or a laser. A scalpel will usually result in sutures whereas with a laser the dentist does not need to make any new cuts or sutures. Either way, the patient can minimize the pain by taking some ibuprofen or applying icepacks to the face.

Choosing to follow a soft food diet and avoiding any sharp foods can help protect a patient’s new gums while healing. Antibiotic rinses are also normal for recovery for these can help prevent an infection from forming. Softly brushing teeth is also recommended.

Is it time for you to receive gum contouring or reshaping?

Considering gum contouring or reshaping is a hugely personal decision. If you have decided that you need a smile makeover and you want to begin with your gums, then it may be time to talk to a dentist. The dentist can look at your gumline and help you figure out if this dental procedure is going to be helpful for your long-term goals.

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