Sedation Dentistry

When Are You Eligible for Treatment via Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry involves using medications to help dental patients relax during their procedures. This allows them to sleep through their treatment or experience less anxiety. This option helps patients who otherwise avoid dental appointments receive the necessary care.

Three types of sedation dentistry are available: oral, laughing gas, and IV. The kind your dentist will use during your procedure depends on the following factors:

  • Medical history.
  • Preference.
  • Length of the dental procedure you are undergoing. 

Oral sedation is the most common since most patients feel anxious about being unconscious. 

Here are some helpful signs you’re eligible for this kind of dentistry as a patient:

Extreme Pain and Sensitivity during Dental Work

Dentists automatically numb your mouth with anesthesia during a painful, invasive procedure. However, you may still feel discomfort if your teeth and gums are sensitive. This makes dental procedures scary. Sedation removes the edge and makes the process less risky. In this scenario, your dentist will advise you on the best type of sedative for the job.

Kids a Year Old and Above

Some kids are afraid of visiting the dentist or are too active to stay put. Thus, they must be sedated to cooperate during the visit. Nitrous oxide is a safe way to sedate them. However, it needs to be administered by a pediatric dentist who has the training to do so. This type of sedation can be safe when the dose is kept within the child’s recommended weight and age.

Local Anesthesia Does Not Work

A local anesthetic is usually used for simple procedures like filling cavities or tooth extractions. This takes effect in 10 minutes and usually lasts 30 to an hour. But anatomical differences may make some patients unresponsive; bigger children need more, or adults with high pain thresholds may not feel the numbing agent work. This is where sedation dentistry is preferable.

Long and Traumatic Dental Procedures

Some dental procedures may take several hours instead of a few minutes. This would be uncomfortable for patients if they need to keep the mouth open for long or re-administer local anesthetic if it wears off. Sedation dentistry offers a pleasant and relaxing alternative for you to go through such procedures. You’ll be unconscious the entire time!

Stress-Triggered Medical Conditions

Oral sedation is highly beneficial in stress-induced cases. However, there is a need for dose adjustments accordingly. This is because, for some conditions, medication may take longer than average to leave the body. For others, it may take longer to take effect.

Strong Gag Reflex

If you gag during procedures, this reflex makes the experience incredibly uncomfortable. It may also make it difficult for the dentist to treat you successfully. Sedation can calm your gag reflex since you’re unconscious, making procedures smoother and more comfortable.

You Have Anxiety and Dental Phobia

A recent Dentavox study showed that 60 percent worldwide are afraid of visiting their dentists! This doesn’t even include children below one year old, which we tackled earlier. 

If you have anxiety or dental phobia, oral sedation is the best option for you and your dentist. It takes the edge off while keeping you conscious, so your dentist can perform the procedure.


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