How a Cosmetic Dentist Places Dental Veneers

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Dental veneers are one of the ways that a cosmetic dentist can treat patients that have stains, damaged teeth, short teeth and minor misalignments. This review offers insights into what patients can expect throughout the dental veneers treatment process, from the consultation visit to follow-up visits. 

A review of the placement of veneers from a cosmetic dentist

The process of dental veneers from a cosmetic dentist includes a consultation visit, preparing the teeth on which the veneers are placed, taking a tooth impression of the teeth and placing the dental veneers. Although every patient has a personalized and unique treatment plan, learning the basics is helpful before beginning treatment. 

The consultation visit

The consultation appointment for dental veneers is a friendly visit that allows the cosmetic dentist and prospective patient to discuss veneers treatment and determine if they are the best solution for meeting the patient’s goals. Dental consultations typically involve discussing treatment goals and preferences, an oral examination, dental X-rays and a treatment plan. 

Preparing the teeth

The dentist may prepare the teeth receiving the dental veneers on the first visit if the patient is ready to move forward with treatment, or they can schedule a follow-up visit. This may involve removing a very small amount of dental enamel to ensure that the dental veneers fit properly once they are placed. Often, this takes place before the dental impression to ensure that they are perfectly customized for an ideal feel and fit. 

Teeth impression and customization

An impression is taken either on the first or second visit. This impression allows for the optimal size and shape of the veneers to be made. A color shade guide is also used to determine the appropriate color shade for the veneers. Once the details are documented and the impressions are ready, they are sent to the lab for customization. It may take a week to several weeks before the veneers are ready and sent to the cosmetic dentist. 

Placing the dental veneers

A procedure is scheduled as soon as the dental veneers arrive. The cosmetic dentist carefully places them and bonds them to the tooth using composite resin and a strong UV light. The procedure is not very invasive and the veneers should fit comfortably after the patient has time to adjust. 

Follow-up visit and aftercare

If there are any concerns with how the dental veneers fit, the patient can contact the cosmetic dentist to address the issue. The cosmetic dentist may also recommend follow-up visits just to ensure everything is going well. They typically also provide aftercare instructions to ensure dental veneers last for well beyond a decade. 

Start the treatment process with a dental consultation

If you are not happy with the appearance of your smile due to chipped, cracked, stained or short teeth, then we encourage you to call our dental team today to start the dental veneers process. An appropriate time can be arranged for you to come for a consultation, during which we can explain the treatment process in greater detail.

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